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Chitosan After Diet Value 108g (300mg x 6 tablets x 60 bags)


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Description of item
Features (Features)
Let’s start with “Feast”!
If you eat it, you will be on a diet
[Double support for Chitosan & Gymnema] We will support the
dieter’s feelings of eating.
Dietary supplements

Recommended for those who like eating out, those who want to feel refreshed every day, and those who overeat.

Usage / dose
Usage / Dose / Usage
 As a
dietary supplement, take 1 bag (6 tablets) at a time, once or twice a day, without chewing with plenty of water or lukewarm water.

Ingredients / quantity

Gymnema sylvestre extract powder, Candelabra aloe extract powder, mucopolysaccharide protein complex (derived from pig), psyllium husk powder, pepper powder, chitosan (derived from crab), eggshell calcium, crystalline cellulose, sucrose ester, fine silicon oxide , V. C, sodium iron citrate, fragrance, calcium pantothenate, cellac, niacinamide, V.I. B6, V. B1, V. B2, V. B12

per 12 tablets (2 bags:
3.6g )・ ・ ・ 9.8kcal
Protein ・ ・・ 0.85g
Lipid ・・・ 0.10g
Sugar・・・ 0.80g
Dietary fiber ・・・ 1.14g
Sodium ・・
・ 10-50mg Calcium ・ ・ ・ 174mg
Iron ・ ・ ・ 5.5mg
V. B1 ・ ・ ・ 0.72mg
V. B2 ··· 0.60mg
chitosan ··· 1000mg
Gymnema sylvestre extract powder ··· 600mg
Kidachiaroe extract powder ··· 450mg
mucopolysaccharide protein complex (chondroitin sulfate Yes) ··· 350mg
psyllium husk end ··· 300mg
pepper powder,・ ・ 100mg

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