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Dry shampoo 180mL in TSUBAKI


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Features (Features)
Because not need need not-dry water, easily anywhere shampoo completed.
Mint ※ 1, green tea extract ※ 2 compounded
Hair and “stickiness” of the scalp, clean and “smell”.
In an exhilarating feeling, to Sarafuwa hair.
※ 1 soft component, ※ 2 skin conditioning and protection component
Busy morning and was at night tired. At home, in the company school.
Anywhere you can use.

Clean: only adapt to the scalp, easy shampoo effect
Scent: containing the natural aroma of distilled water, fresh with a pleasant aroma, cover the smell of the scalp
Yoshikami: 100% 5 large cosmetic ingredients of natural origin of the hair ※ 3 is Shimiwatari, the healthy hair from the core.
※ 3 lemon fruit water, botanical essence, soy protein, royal jelly, camellia oil essence (healthy hair protection component)

Dosage and Administration
Dosage / Usage

● close the mouth of the container to the scalp, applied little by little, let soften so as to massage in the belly of the finger. You do not need to wash away.
If you want to clean than ● it can also be wiped off with a towel or the like.

Display component

Water, ethanol, menthol, camellia seed oil, hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, maltitol, lemon extract, tea extract, rose water, royal jelly extract, soybean seed extract, silica, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, carbomer, TEA, EDTA-2Na , BG, glycerin, tocopherol, salicylic acid, perfume

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