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FANCL Perfect Slim W 90 tablets (30days), Fancl Japan


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The basic of the diet, moderate exercise and from the correct lifestyle. Perfect Slim W is green tea catechin, L- carnitine helps to diet, such as “decomposition” and “burning” composite blended support to components! It supports an ideal diet.
※In effect there are individual differences.
※ appropriate diet and exercise is necessary to a healthy diet. About 30 days 180 tablets
6 tablets
green tea catechins: 540mg, L- carnitine: 200mg, Hihatsuekisu end: 150mg
after the previous meal, such as after breakfast activities, please enjoy summarizes the recommended dose 6 tablets per day with water and the like. Avoid fasting, from the ingestion of food even in a small amount, please enjoy.
※In effect there are individual differences.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding ※, children, please do not eat.
※ People with weak stomach, you may in rare cases appear symptoms of stomach discomfort.
※ medicine taking or more and those who are abnormal liver function tests in hospital, please enjoy after consultation with your doctor.

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