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Fancl Super Kids Support About 30 Days 120 Capsules Food And Nutritio


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Content Product features ● The adhesive function is improved and it is easy to peel off. Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical's original newly designed ship agent maintains high adhesive strength even after a long period of time. It sticks firmly to joints that move a lot and even at bedtime, and exerts a cooling feeling and the effect of active ingredients on the affected area. ● A thin type that is extremely comfortable to stick even when stuck under clothes. The thickness is thin, the rubbing of clothes is reduced, and there is no stiffness when applying the ship agent. ● Contains 2% of analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredient "glycol salicylate". A percutaneous analgesic and anti-inflammatory ship agent (class 3 drug) containing "glycol salicylate" that has the effect of relieving symptoms such as muscle pain and muscle fatigue. ● There is little damage to the skin when peeling off. Although it has high adhesiveness, the ship agent contains a lot of water, so you can use it with confidence without worrying about damage to your skin when peeling it off. ● "Round corner R" that is hard to peel off. Uses "Varipita Sheet R" that can be easily attached. Uses "Maru-kado R" that does not easily come off from the edge of the ship agent even if it rubs against clothes. In addition, the "Varipita Sheet R" is used, which allows you to easily peel off the film by simply pulling the ship left and right, and then attach it easily. From the Manufacturer
For troubles in the family's stomach / Daughter who suffer from constipation / Son with loose tummy / Father who has a bad tummy tone due to diet discomfort / Mother thinking of intestinal activity for growing / Intestinal flora care for your stomach while you are out or on the journey.
Effective for constipation and soft fecal / intestinal activity / 3 types of lactic acid bacteria / lactic acid bacteria that is compatible with humans / lactic acid bacteria / toning the stomach / Bifidobacteria / Phacalis / Acidophyllus Bacteria / Drink from 5 years old / Family use
Biofermin's lactic acid bacteria that goes well with the human intestine; Adjusts the intestinal flora from the offices to the colo; Effective for constipation and soft feces
Phacalis/Small intestine/Intestinal flora/Supporting the growth of other beneficial bacteria/Acidophylis/Inhibits the growth of germs that make harmful substances / Bifidobacteria / Fungi Species with Excellent Fastness

For family stomach troubles.

The new Biofermin-S tablet contains 3 types of lactic acid bacteria that are effective for your family's stomach.

3 Product Features

It works great for constipation and soft stoles, and can also be used for intestinal activity for orthotics.Intestinal activity: activity for adjusting intestinal flora.

Biofermin lactic acid bacteria that goes well with the human intestine.

The active ingredient is lactic acid bacteria that is compatible with human intestines and is recommended for children and the elderly, so it can be enjoyed by family members.

Three lactic acid bacteria works.

3 types of lactic acid bacteria such as Bifidobacteria can help you adjust the intestinal flora from the small intestinal to the colon.


Feature 1

CABAGIN KOWA α is an indigestion remedy effective for repairing damaged gastric mucosa and regaining healthy stomach condition.  MMSC (Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride) and perilla herb help to improve gastric movements, treat weakened stomach and promote healthy gastric function.

Feature 2

DL (Double Layer) Effect Each active ingredient works effectively, thanks to the double-layer structure which consists of an outer layer and a tablet core. 1. CABAGIN tablets have a double-layer effect. 2. Antiacid ingredient in the outer layer relieves the pain in stomach by neutralizing gastric acid and creates an amicable environment for digestive enxyme. 3. The tablet core melts slowly. 4. Each active ingredient such as scopolia extract and digestive enzymes work effectively. MMSC, perilla herb and swertia herb work together to improve weakened stomach.

Feature 3

Featured with stomachic herbal medicines that improve gatric function - Perilla herb extract powder: effective for improving gastric function - MMSC (Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride): repairs damaged gastric mucosa - Antacid: neutralizes excessive gastric acid. - Lipase AP12: helps digest fats.



Stomach distress, gastrasthenia, heavy feeling in the stomach, stomachache, overeating, overdrinking, heartburn, nausea (retching, churning of stomach, nausea due to hangover/overdrinking, sickness, nausea), vomiting, loss of appetite, indigestion, gastric hyperacidity, belching, dysphagia, promoting digestion, feeling of fullness in the stomach/abdomen, and stomach heaviness.


Take the tablets with room temperature or warm water after meals.

Age Dose Dose in day
Adults (15 years and older) 2 tablets 3 times
8-15 years of age 1 tablet 3 times
Children (Under 8 years of age) Do not use.

Ingredients in 6 tablets

Ingredients Amount Function/Capability
Methylmethionine sulfonium chloride 150.0mg Membrane repair ingredient
Sodium bicarbonate 700.0mg Antacid ingredient
Magnesium carbonate 250.0mg Antacid ingredient
Precipitated calcium carbonate 1200.0mg Antacid ingredient
Scopolia extract powder (33.3%) 90.0mg (30.0mg as scopolia extract) Antacid ingredient
Perilla Herb powdered extract 30.0mg (270.0mg as perilla herb) Stomachic
Powdered Swertia Herb 30.0mg Stomachic
Biodiastase 2000 24.0mg Digestion ingredient
Lipase AP12 15.0mg Digestion ingredient
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