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Fine Glycine Jelly 30 Wrapped Glycine Theanine Gaba-Mixed White Grape Flavor


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DescriptionArinamin EX Plus 270 tablets


Feature 1

CABAGIN KOWA α is an indigestion remedy effective for repairing damaged gastric mucosa and regaining healthy stomach condition.  MMSC (Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride) and perilla herb help to improve gastric movements, treat weakened stomach and promote healthy gastric function.

Feature 2

DL (Double Layer) Effect Each active ingredient works effectively, thanks to the double-layer structure which consists of an outer layer and a tablet core. 1. CABAGIN tablets have a double-layer effect. 2. Antiacid ingredient in the outer layer relieves the pain in stomach by neutralizing gastric acid and creates an amicable environment for digestive enxyme. 3. The tablet core melts slowly. 4. Each active ingredient such as scopolia extract and digestive enzymes work effectively. MMSC, perilla herb and swertia herb work together to improve weakened stomach.

Feature 3

Featured with stomachic herbal medicines that improve gatric function - Perilla herb extract powder: effective for improving gastric function - MMSC (Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride): repairs damaged gastric mucosa - Antacid: neutralizes excessive gastric acid. - Lipase AP12: helps digest fats.



Stomach distress, gastrasthenia, heavy feeling in the stomach, stomachache, overeating, overdrinking, heartburn, nausea (retching, churning of stomach, nausea due to hangover/overdrinking, sickness, nausea), vomiting, loss of appetite, indigestion, gastric hyperacidity, belching, dysphagia, promoting digestion, feeling of fullness in the stomach/abdomen, and stomach heaviness.


Take the tablets with room temperature or warm water after meals.

Age Dose Dose in day
Adults (15 years and older) 2 tablets 3 times
8-15 years of age 1 tablet 3 times
Children (Under 8 years of age) Do not use.

Ingredients in 6 tablets

Ingredients Amount Function/Capability
Methylmethionine sulfonium chloride 150.0mg Membrane repair ingredient
Sodium bicarbonate 700.0mg Antacid ingredient
Magnesium carbonate 250.0mg Antacid ingredient
Precipitated calcium carbonate 1200.0mg Antacid ingredient
Scopolia extract powder (33.3%) 90.0mg (30.0mg as scopolia extract) Antacid ingredient
Perilla Herb powdered extract 30.0mg (270.0mg as perilla herb) Stomachic
Powdered Swertia Herb 30.0mg Stomachic
Biodiastase 2000 24.0mg Digestion ingredient
Lipase AP12 15.0mg Digestion ingredient
Arinamin EX Plus 270 tablets
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