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Hada Labo Gokujun α Hari Toner Refill 170mL


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Features (Features)
Measures against
dry fine wrinkles Make fine wrinkles due to dryness inconspicuous *
* Efficacy evaluation tested Effective aging care *
for refilling

at a great value.
Skin problems that increase with age. “Moisture” and “suppleness” are important for elasticity and elasticity.
Therefore, “Gokujun α” of the aging care * series was born from Hada Labo.
Focus on the mechanism that works on the cellular level (keratinocytes) that support the foundation of the skin.
Adopting a moisturizing “tension skin net”, it produces plenty of moisturizing and supple elasticity.
* Age-appropriate moisturizing care

Adopts “tension skin net” that combines 3D hyaluronic acid, low molecular weight elastin, and low molecular weight collagen, which are moisturizing ingredients.
Containing moisture, skin * For firm skin that bouncy from deep.
* Stratum corneum

○ Makes fine wrinkles due to dryness inconspicuous (Efficacy evaluation test completed)
○ Weak acidity same as healthy bare
skin ○ Considering gentleness to the skin
Fragrance-free, coloring-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free
○ Patch test completed
(all It does not mean that the person is not irritated.)

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