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Hada Labo Gokujun UV White Gel 90g


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Features (Features)
Commitment to moisture
Soothing and firm moisturizing Morning UV protection All-in-one In

addition to the strongest UV-cutting effect *, sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing ingredient) and vitamin C derivatives (moisturizing ingredient) give moisture to the skin. Contains. Even though it is very comfortable to use, it blends smoothly into the skin and delivers moisture deep into the stratum corneum, and after washing your face, you can complete everything from skin care to the foundation at once.

○ * The strongest UV-cutting effect in
Hada Labo ○ Smooth, light and gentle wearing comfort
○ Considering gentleness to the skin Fragrance-free, coloring-free, mineral oil-free
○ Patch tested (irritating to all) It’s not that there isn’t one.) In addition to the

strongest UV blocking effect *, an exquisite prescription balance with a skin care effect!
○ UV-A & UV-B W block
SPF50 + PA ++++
○ Multi-function with
one item This one item can be used for lotion, beauty essence, milky lotion, cream, facial mask, UV cut, and base.

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