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Hada Labo Gokujun White Perfect Mask 20 sheets


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Features (Features) Commitment to
rich moisturizing
Penetration High moisturizing (moisturizing ingredient) White W Vitamin-containing mask
Complete skin care with this one!

Contains vitamin C derivatives (moisturizing ingredients), vitamin E (moisturizing ingredients), and two hyaluronic acids (moisturizing ingredients).
A white mask containing plenty of beauty essence delivers moisture deep into the stratum corneum, leaving your skin clear and transparent!
○ All-in-one type that can be cleaned with this one sheet
After washing your face, skin care is completed with one sheet mask. Even when you want more moisture than usual.
Toner Essence Essence Essence Cream Mask
○ Thick sheet A
thick and soft 3-layer structure sheet that can hold plenty of moisture
○ Considering gentleness to the skin
Weakly acidic, fragrance-free, coloring-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol (Ethanol) Free

penetration * Beauty essence
Box type that makes it easy to take out even the stratum corneum

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