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MEISHOKU Det clear Bright&Peel AHA&BHA Peeling Jelly Mixed fruit fragrance 180 ml


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Smooth skin feeling
Fruit peeling
mix Fruit scent

entangles waste products (old keratin) Skin-friendly jelly type Make-up peeling difference with freshly peeled egg skin!
Removes waste products (old keratin) and enhances the penetration of lotion!

Gel pack: Rinse type
wet hands OK! Clear gel prescription

○ Skin-friendly and easy, instantly polo! !!
A clear gel formula containing naturally derived fruit AHA and plant BHA that gently peels the skin.
Color-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free
○ Removes waste products (old keratin)! !!
It removes old keratin containing residual melanin and leads to skin where lotion etc. penetrates smoothly. If you use it before washing your face in the morning, your makeup will improve.

Convenient to use for persistent nose keratin plugs, darkening of the nose / chin, dull spots, etc. For skin with inconspicuous pores.
○ Fruit AHA (keratin clear ingredient) Multi-fruit complex
Orange / Western pear / Blueberry / Kistrawberry / Lemon extract, malic acid, tartaric acid (derived from grapes) complex
○ Plant BHA (keratin softening ingredient) willow bark extract
Salix Nigra bark extract

Water, glycerin, carbomer, steartrimonium chloride, orange fruit extract, orange oil, pear fruit, bilberry fruit extract, strawberry extract, lemon fruit extract, apple fruit extract, sugar cane extract, sugar cane extract, malic acid , Tartrate acid, salicylic acid, salix nigra bark extract, glycosyl trehalose, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, BG, cyclodextrin, sucrose, palm oil, corn starch, fragrance

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