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Nobi Nobi Salon Ship F 20 sheets


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Product features
● The adhesive function is improved and it is easy to peel off.
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical’s original newly designed ship agent maintains high adhesive strength even after a long period of time. It sticks firmly to joints that move a lot and even at bedtime, and exerts a cooling feeling and the effect of active ingredients on the affected area.

● A thin type that is extremely comfortable to stick even when stuck under clothes.
The thickness is thin, the rubbing of clothes is reduced, and there is no stiffness when applying the ship agent.

● Contains 2% of analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredient “glycol salicylate”.
A percutaneous analgesic and anti-inflammatory ship agent (class 3 drug) containing “glycol salicylate” that has the effect of relieving symptoms such as muscle pain and muscle fatigue.

● There is little damage to the skin when peeling off.
Although it has high adhesiveness, the ship agent contains a lot of water, so you can use it with confidence without worrying about damage to your skin when peeling it off.

● “Round corner R” that is hard to peel off.
Uses “Varipita Sheet R” that can be easily attached.
Uses “Maru-kado R” that does not easily come off from the edge of the ship agent even if it rubs against clothes. In addition, the “Varipita Sheet R” is used, which allows you to easily peel off the film by simply pulling the ship left and right, and then attach it easily.

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