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ORIHIRO CHLORELLA Dietary Supplement 900 tablets Japan


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Product Description
Chlorella refill of eco-type omitting the waste of container. Hygienically clean cultured using chlorella. Scarce and because it contains plenty of nutrients recommended for health care of every day .. attention component [in 100g] chlorophyll: 1500 ~ 3000mg, chlorella extract 15% to 30% iron:. 10 ~ 45mg, such as digestion rate of 75 percent of chlorella protein by small animals to 85 percent contents 180g 900 grain input / Orihiro ※ package contents, etc. without notice and is subject to change.

Raw materials and component
[Major components]: in the product 100g: chlorophyll 1500 ~ 3000mg, chlorella extract 15-30%, digestion rate of 75 percent of chlorella protein by small animals% to 85%, iron 10 ~ 45mg, vitamin B2 4 ~ 9mg

how to use
[If you enjoy ● when viewed from the intake of green vegetables in a normal meal as a dietary supplement, is divided into several times, such as during meals or omissions 30-40 grains per day, please enjoy with water or hot water . ● Customers get the first time you use please enjoy from a small amount. ● recommended dose of 1 day Please observe.

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