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Orihiro Concentrated collagen placenta 120g


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Description of item
Features (Features) 30 times dense collagen
that dissolves beautifully
Equivalent to 60000
mg of compounded collagen * Equivalent to 1500 mg of placenta
Proteoglycan extract 3 mg / Vitamin C [In 4 g of daily standard amount]
Fragrance-free type with suppressed habit
* Dense collagen is normal collagen It is a collagen that contains 30 times more PO and OG (prolyl hydroxyproline, hydroxyproline glycine), which are dipeptides peculiar to collagen.

Usage / dose
Usage / Dose / Usage

● Dissolve in your favorite drink such as water or hot water, taking about 4g (about 1 tablespoon) a day as a guide.
● For first-time users, start with a small amount.
● Please follow the recommended daily intake.

Ingredients / quantity

Fish collagen peptide (including gelatin), dextrin, pig placenta extract powder, sugar cane extract, proteoglycan extract (including salmon) / vitamin C, cyclic oligosaccharide, sweetener (sclarose)

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