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ORIHIRO Oyster extract Supplement 120 tablets 30 days with zinc JAPAN


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● [Product Description] ● 500mg compounding the oyster meat concentrated extract of Hiroshima production Seto Inland Sea during the 4 tablets. ● In addition to further, including 12mg of zinc, enhance the vitamin B group. ● It is recommended for those who like to drink. ● dragees type of completely odorless. ● the degree of 4 tablets as a guide to [enjoy] ● 1 day, please enjoy with water or hot water, such as during meals. ● Customers get the first time you use please enjoy from a small amount. ● daily intake should observe. ● [Name-name] ● oyster meat extract processed food ● Ingredients: ● reduced maltose syrup (domestic manufacturing, Thailand production), oyster meat concentrated extract powder, zinc-containing yeast, syrup reduction / crystalline cellulose, stearic acid Ca, V. B1, silicon dioxide, paste (gum arabic), shellac, V.B2, V.B6, coloring (titanium dioxide, flavonoid, caramel), carnauba wax, V.B12 ● [nutritional] ● product 4 tablets (2.2g medium) heat: 8 kcal, protein: 0.17 g, lipid: 0.05 g, carbohydrates: 1.84 g, sodium chloride equivalent: 0-0.02g, zinc 12 mg (136%), vitamin B1 24mg (2000%), vitamin B2 11 mg (786 %), vitamin B6 9mg (692%), vitamin B12 …

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