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PORETOL Super Clear Gel Cleansing Face Wash 20g


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Pore ​​keratin plugs * ・ I
hate skin that is worried about darkening ! Square plug * Refreshing!
* Granular things made by clogged old keratin stains in the pores
Melt and float gel
Smooth baby-grade chu Use
in front of pore pack to give a
warm feeling Gel
power UP with bamboo charcoal Renewal
3 sebum adsorbing ingredients New formulation: bamboo charcoal・ Silica / cellulose
keratin plug glaring! !!

Keratin softening ingredient Yogurt extract
Tightening ingredient Witch hazel extract ※※
Hamamelis extract
Pore ​​skin is also a moisturizing ingredient Hyaluronic acid Collagen

orange scent

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