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Premium live enzyme 93g (465mg x 200 tablets)


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Features (Features)
Rakuten market ranking No. 1
2016.7.20 Real-time ranking
[Supplement, enzyme combination category No. 1] Achieved 2 crowns

100% of the blessings of the earth
230 kinds of wild plants, vegetables, fruits, etc. are aged and fermented in Japan , Condensed the power of plants into capsules.
Recommended materials for health and beauty are also added.
Large capacity

○ 230 kinds of fermented plant extracts

Young barley leaves, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, strawberries, pumpkin, grapes, cucumber, pear, bitter gourd, gobo, radish, soybean, brown rice, moroheiya, ginger, maitake, komatsuna, celery, lemon, honeybee, myoga, sweet corn, eggplant , Carrot, Akamega wrinkle, Akebii, Asparagus, Ukon, Ume, Obako, Nigerooligosaccharide, Kaki, Kistrawberry, Kinkan, Kumazasa, Gummy, Brown sugar, Kale, Cocoa, Rice bran, Comb, Shiitake, Shiso, Sugina, Seri, Vitamin greens , Japanese ginseng, root comp, pepper, hijiki, hibamata, biwa leaf, winter strawberry, blackberry, prune, yama grape, yamamomo, yuzu, yomogi, apple, reishi, iyokan, kiwi, tomato, blueberry, mikan, peach, Japanese mustard spinach, carrot, parsley, Japanese mustard spinach, radish, wakame
2 tablets

Take 2 tablets
per day with water or lukewarm water without chewing.

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