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Rohto Cool 40a Alpha Vitamin Eye Drops 12ml for Exhaustion Tired Eye


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New! Rohto Japan Cool 40a Alpha Vitamin Eye Drops 12ml for exhaustion tired eyes

Rohto japan vita 40 (YELLOW)
Rohto Japan Cool 40 (BLUE)
Manufacturer Rohto Pharmaceutical

Category Made in Japan, Class 3 Pharmaceuticals
Classification Eye drops


It is an eye drop that directly gives four important nutrients to the eyes and effectively improves eyestrain and blurred vision.
“Natural Vitamin E” promotes blood circulation and relieves eye strain. “Vitamin B6” promotes the metabolism of eye cells and improves eyestrain.
In addition, “sodium chondroitin sulfate” protects the corneal surface of the eye and prevents eye diseases. In addition, “L-potassium aspartate” takes in oxygen to the eyes and heals eyestrain.
Efficacy / Effects
Blurred eyes (when there are many eyes and eyes), tired eyes, conjunctival congestion, prevention of eye diseases (when dust or sweat gets into the eyes after swimming), eyelid inflammation (eyelid soreness), eyes Itching, eye inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays or other rays (snow eyes, etc.), discomfort when wearing hard contact lensesDosage and
administration 2 to 3 drops at a time, 5 to 6 times a day.Active Ingredients
● d-α-tocopherol acetate (natural vitamin E) 0.05% ● Vitamin B6 0.1% ● Sodium chondroitin sulfate 0.1% ● Potassium L-aspartate 1% ● Neostigmine methyl sulfate 0.005% ● Chlorpheniramine maleic acid Salt 0.03%
* Contains boric acid, borax, l-menthol, d-borneol, eucalyptus oil, sodium edetate, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, and pH regulator as additives.

[Precautions for use]
1. The following people, please consult a doctor or pharmacist before use
(1) People who are treated by a doctor.
(2) Persons who are allergic to themselves or their families.
(3) People who have had allergic reactions due to drugs.
(4) People with the following symptoms.
・ Severe eye pain
(5) Person who received the following diagnosis.
・ Glaucoma2. In the following cases, discontinue use immediately and
consult a doctor or pharmacist with the attached instruction document.
(1) When the following symptoms appear after use
[Related site: Symptoms]
Skin: rash/redness, Itchy
eyes: Hyperemia, itch, swelling
(2) When the haze of the eyes does not improve
(3) 5-6 If the symptoms do not improve even after using for a day

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  • Additional Features:  Rohto Japan Cool / Vita 40a Alpha Vitamin Eye Drops 12ml
  • Details: New! Rohto Japan Cool / Vita 40a Alpha Vitamin Eye Drops 12ml for exhaustion tired eye
  • Package Includes: Choice of Rohto Japan Cool or Vita 40a Alpha Vitamin Eye Drops 12ml

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