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Shoei Delicy Strawberry Crunch Chocolate




Raw material name

[refreshing strawberry]

Sugar, wheat flour, lactose, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, corn flakes, cocoa butter

Shortening, strawberry powder, cacao mass, isomerized liquid sugar, cocoa powder

Salt/emulsifier, coloring (vegetable pigment) flavoring, leavening agent, acidulant

(Contains dairy ingredients, wheat and soybeans in part)

[Strawberry milk]

Sugar, waffle corn (wheat flour, sugar, shortening, etc.) lactose, vegetable oil

Whole milk powder, cocoa butter, puffed wheat, strawberry-flavored dried product (strawberry juice concentrate, wheat flour)

sugar, concentrated elderberry juice) / modified starch, emulsifier, flavoring, leavening agent, acidulant

Coloring agent (annatto, red bean paste) sweetener (sucralose)

(partially contains milk ingredients, wheat and soybeans)

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