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Takeda VitaminC 300 tablets, Vitamin C and Calsium, C-Ca supplement



Product introduction
● Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and calcium salt of vitamin C (calcium ascorbic acid)
Vitamin C preparation with vitamin B2 on Sium).
● 6 tablets (daily dose of 15 tablets) Table Vitamin C2,000, calcium
68 does this.
● It is a tablet that does not use sodium and is hard to take.

Prescription drugs

● Precautions to use
■■ Things that are not bad ■■

■■ Communicating ■■
1. After taking the medicine, the following symptoms are defined as the possibility of coming out, so take the medicine.
Died and attached this document to register the pharmacist.

✓ Rifu Spoo ‰ Tas pod
Digestive: nausea / vomiting, stomach discomfort, stomach bloating, loss of appetite

2. After taking this medicine, you will have the following symptoms, so this symptom will continue to increase.
More and more strong, download the dose and give this document to 18 doctors, pharmacists
What to do with the seller
3.1 Documents If you have symptoms even if you take monthly doses, download the dose and use this document.
Talk to your doctor, dentist, pharmacist doctor seller

● Efficacy / effect
1. Vitamin C supplementation in the following table
Physical fatigue, death / lactation, physical fitness after illness, old age, old age
2. Alleviation of the following symptoms
Blemishes, freckles, sunburn / rash pigmentation
3. Bleeding in the following table
Bleeding from toothpaste, nosebleed
“Here, 22 medicines 3 symptom discussions, January monthly use improvement is not seen
Consult a doctor, pharmacist, doctor, or doctor. ”

● Usage ・
As soon as you take it.
✓ Year Lounge ر15 years old 28
✓ 1 dose ر1 to 3 tablets
✓ Take 2 times a day

✓ Year Lounge ر 11-14 years old
✓ 1 dose ▲ 1-2 tablets
✓ Take 2 times a day

✓ Year lounge ▲ 7 to 10 years old
✓ 1 dose ▲ 1 tablet
✓ Take 2 times a day

✓ Year lounge ▲ 7 years old
✓ 1 dose ≡ Take light
✓ Take 1 day

<Caution for usage and dose>
(1) Take it to the garden. Take it to the supervision of parents.
(2) Observe the usage and dose.

● Guri / quantity
6 tablets for 1 day (1 day lock)
✓ Ingredients ▲ ‰ content
Vitamin C 20 million
✓ Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 1,400
Calcium ascorbate 726
Riboflavin butyrate (vitamin B2 butyrate) 6

Additives: starched starch, Mgg ethyleneate, starch

<Caution to denim>
(1) Urinary stool test
Sekoto (located in a small urine pressure stool test).
(2) There is a yellow table of urine after taking this drug, but riboflavin butyric acid esthetics
It’s not a loose thing.

● Caution here
(1) Humidity out of direct sunlight Put the book in a cool place.
It absorbs moisture and hardens, and the lid of the bottle is closed each time it is taken.
(2) Get off the bed and get to the entrance.
(3) Do not fight against other containers (prone to misused finished quality).
(4) For the dull items in the bottle, put the lid item in the bottle bottle.
The quality that seeks to be taken becomes damp.
Please be done).
(5) Take the UID and shine.
(6) The bottle was opened with the “opening date” of the box and bottle.
After opening in (7), the opening date is 6 from the viewpoint of quality maintenance.
As soon as you take it.

[Cry content here]
[Vitamin C conversation]
● Monkey animals can produce fruits that eat vitamin C in the field, but the human monkey exhibition
I can’t get it.
● Vitamin C is obtained. Physical fatigue during physical fatigue, death / lactation, and after illness.
Vitamin C supplementation in old age.
● Spots and freckles Soba The buckwheat action is well known. After that, connect cells to each other
The production of collagen strengthened the walls of blood vessels, causing bleeding from the gums and nosebleeds.
To do.
● Registered sex vitamins and the amount of vitamins.

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