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The Collagen Powder W 126g


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Description of item
Features (Features)
Low molecular weight collagen 5000mg Adds
more delicious and beautiful
* Our conventional product

Hisiseido’s latest collagen research crystal
beauty patented ingredient W combination
・ Beauty by combining ingredients such as moss peach and Amla fruit
・ Beauty with strawberry seed extract About patented

beauty ingredient (hyaluronic acid / vitamin C)
Zero lipid 1 serving 22kcal

● Powder containing low molecular weight collagen and beauty ingredient
● Cuts the taste and smell peculiar to collagen and adds beauty to daily eating habits ..

Usage / dose
Usage / Dose / Usage

Dissolve about 6g (1 tablespoon) once a day in your favorite drink or food and mix well.
1 tablespoon (about 6g *)
* Contains about 5000mg of collagen For
hot coffee, cold juice, yogurt, soup and miso soup

Ingredients / quantity
Labeled ingredients

Collagen peptide (including gelatin) (domestic production), milk calcium, amla fruit extract, strawberry seed extract, moss peach juice, hyaluronic acid / trehalose, vitamin C, fragrance, sweetener (stevia)

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