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Vegie Barrier Salt Glycolipid 63g (350mg x 180 tablets)


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Features (Features)
3 grains a day
with a meal high in salt, sugar and fat!
It is a dietary support supplement that considers the beauty and health of modern people.
Green nutrients are condensed into a single grain.
Not only for those who lack vegetables, but also for those who are concerned about nutritional balance.
Active Fiber Potassium
Oolong Tea Polyphenol
Mulberry Leaf ・ Inulin Broccoli
Spirulina ・ 13 kinds of vegetable powder Iron chlorophyllin

Usage / dose
Usage / Dose / Usage
 As a
dietary supplement, take 3 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.
For a drinking party! Plus when you want to eat at a convenience store lunch

Ingredients / quantity

Spirulina powder, mulberry leaf powder, brown algae extract, inulin, oolong tea extract, barley young leaf powder, kale powder, broccoli powder, squash powder, mushroom chitosan, tingen vegetable powder, parsley powder, carrot powder, broccoli Sprout extract, celery powder, bitter gourd powder, spinach powder, moroheiya powder, YOMOGI powder, tomato powder / crystalline cellulose, magnesium oxide, hydroxypropyl cellulose, potassium chloride, calcium stearate, fine silicon dioxide, colorant (sodium iron chlorophyllin)

per 3 grains (1.05g)
・ ・ ・ 2kcal
Protein ・・ ・ 0.21g Fat・
・ ・ 0.03g
Carbohydrate ・ ・ ・ 0.49g
(Sugar ・ ・ ・ 0.12g, Dietary fiber ・ ・ ・ 0.37g)
Salt equivalent ・ ・ ・ 0.007g
Potassium ・・ ・ 60mg

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