Top 5 Shampoo and conditioner from Japan

Greeting from Japan !!

I’m writing this blogs from my own experience using the Japanese products that i purchasing in Japan.

Please share the story of what you love in Japan <3

Below are the lists of the top best one I use and found it amazing !

TSUBAKI premium repair hair conditioner (Refill) 330mL

This conditioner from Tsubaki helping repair hair making damage hair better and smoother .

TSUBAKI Premium Repair Shampoo

The premium hair repair shampoo for damage hair help fix the damage hair .

TSUBAKI premium repair hair treatment

Tsubaki premium hair repair is a must have if your hair are dry and damage !

2. Kao Segreta Shampoo

The shampoo from kao is a must ! its smell amazing and help smoothing my hair I absolutely love its smell <3

3. Algeran Moist Smooth Shampoo

Argelan shampoo brand is a new coming shampoo that you must try if you are a fan of Japanese shampoo .

4. Scalp D Medicinal Scalp Shampoo DRY & Medicinal Scalp Pack Conditioner 

Scalp D for dry and damage hair ! its not only helping fixing your hair but its also helping fixing you scalp and helping if you having problems with hair lost!

5. Lux Hair Supplements Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

This lux shampoo is an amazing and premium if you love lux brand . the smell are amazing and help your hair looking healthy <3 its amazing <3

Im planning to review another product too !

Please stay tune <3