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Hada Labo Skin Lab Shirojun Medicinal Whitening Emulsion 140mL


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Features (Features)
Commitment to moisture and whiteness “Shirojun” series Contains
whitening active ingredients and nano- sized hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredients).
For moisturized, smooth, fine and transparent skin.
Whitening: Suppresses melanin production and prevents blemishes and freckles

○ Contains white tranexamic acid (whitening active ingredient: tranexamic acid)
○ Vitamin C derivatives, vitamin E, honeybee extract, honeybee fermented liquid (skin conditioning moisturizing ingredient)
○ 2 types Contains hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient)
○ The same weak acidity as healthy bare
skin ○ Considering the gentleness to the skin
No fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil, no alcohol (ethanol), no parabens

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