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Shiseido Pure White 240 tablets(30days) x 3 bottles



How to use

Please take 8 tablets per day (2~3tablets x 3 times) with water.
Avoid intake of more than necessary, please observe the daily measure of volume. And please avoid Food allergy. 


Kuko no mi Real extract of wolfberry (wolfberry): 1,500mg [equivalent to 2,550mg as real]
Tocotrienol: 7.5mg
Lychee seed extract: 50mg
Pearl barley extract: 25mg
Chrysanthemum extract: 5mg
Vitamin C: 500mg
Vitamin E: 1.8mg (per 1 day/8tablets)
Kuko no mi Real extract, lychee seed extract wolfberry, pearl barley powder, chrysanthemum extract processed powder, cellulose, vitamin C, pastes (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), carboxymethyl cellulose calcium, silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, emulsifiers, tocotrienol, colorants (titanium oxide ), carnauba wax

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