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DHC walking power 20 days 40 tablets


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“Walking power” is a [functional food] containing 1.89 mg of the functional ingredient [5.7-dimethoxyflavone derived from black ginger] per daily intake guideline.
It is recommended as a measure against the deterioration of the legs (walking ability) of those who want to walk forever.
In addition, [HMB calcium], [imidazole dipeptide (chicken extract)], [CBP (concentrated whey active protein)] and paprika-derived [β-cryptoxanthin] were added as support ingredients.
Ingredients / quantity / usage
Ingredients / quantity
Medium-chain fatty acid oil, black ginger extract (black ginger extract, dextrin), HMB calcium, chicken extract (chicken extract, malt dextrin), concentrated whey active protein (including milk component) / Gelatin, glycerin, glycerin fatty acid ester, cyclodextrin, paprika pigment

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[per 960 mg of 2 grains]
Calorie 5.4 kcal, protein 0.33 g, fat 0.37 g, carbohydrate 0.19 g, salt equivalent 0. 002g, HMB calcium 75mg, chicken extract 68mg (imidazole dipeptide 10mg), CBP (concentrated whey active protein) 6mg, β-cryptoxanthin 0.1mg

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Black ginger-derived 5 .7-Contains dimethoxyflavon. Black ginger-derived 5.7-dimethoxyflavone has been reported to help maintain walking ability, which declines with age, in middle-aged and elderly people.

Usage and dosage
Avoid direct sunlight and store at 69 ° C or below.

Precautions for use
● Please follow the recommended daily intake and consume with water or lukewarm water.
● Please check the ingredients before eating if you have food allergies.

Precautions for storage and handling
● Keep out of reach of children.
● After opening, close the opening tightly and consume as soon as possible.

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